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For many, choosing a reputable outfitter and hunt is a mind-boggling experience. Where do you start? Who do you listen to? How do you decide which one? Let SSO help you find just the right hunt. We've been in this business successfully helping hunters like you for several years. There is no cost to you for our service. That's right, it's FREE! We do the leg work, we make the phone calls, and we help you sort through the thousands of outfitters for no cost to you.


Here at Stick & String Outfitters (SSO), we appreciate your interest in the hunts we offer.
You, the hunter, are the heart and soul of our business and we've appreciated serving you through the years. We strive to be the best full-service hunting consultant available. We consider ourselves a "hunting consultant" rather than a booking agent because we do so much more than just booking your hunt. We use our years of bowhunting and guiding experience to help you select the hunt that best meets your interests, goals, and finances and also help you with preparing for your hunt.

Cost for Our Services

For using our services, there is no cost to you. You will never pay more for our services than you would if you booked directly with the outfitter. Our income is derived from commissions from the outfitters we represent and not from our hunters.

Why use a hunting consultant?

At SSO, we don't do any guiding or outfitting ourselves but arrange hunts through our small but excellent group of quality outfitters. The biggest advantage to using a hunting consultant rather than going through an outfitter directly is that you have one point of contact for numerous hunts. This saves you precious time and headaches and since it is our job to screen the outfitters and hunts, you can be confident that the outfitter you select will do their best to offer you a quality hunt. Also, once you learn to trust us as your hunting consultant, you can stop worrying about whether an outfitter is a quality outfit and just concentrate on preparing for your hunt.

ng Knowledge at SSO

At SSO, we know bowhunting. The owner of SSO, Matt Burrows, is a native Coloradoan and has bowhunted exclusively for almost 25 years in the western U.S., Canada, and Africa for most big game species. Matt has also been fortunate to take a few trophy animals over the years and can use his knowledge and experience to help you bag the buck or bull of your dreams. He has also authored numerous bowhunting articles and produced bowhunting videos hopefully demonstrating his dedication, commitment, and knowledge of bowhunting.

About Our Outfitters

At SSO, we are only as good as the outfitters we represent. Therefore, we are very picky about which outfitters we represent and only select the "cream of the crop." We have an intensive screening process and only book for outfitters we have personally hunted with or personally inspected. Our outfitters must:

Be extremely knowledgeable about bowhunting and how to put their hunters in bow range of mature animals;
Be extremely knowledgeable about the game species pursued;
Provide access to high-quality private property or lightly hunted public land with good populations of animals and high trophy quality;
Be intimately familiar with these lands and how to effectively hunt them;

Guide a limited number of hunters to maintain a high-quality hunting experience and excellent trophy quality;
Be honest, ethical, and hard working;
Provide comfortable accommodations and good food;
Provide excellent customer service to each and every hunter.
This last quality is key. Some outfitters are good hunters but forget that they are in the service business. Not all bowhunting trips are going to be successful. But if the outfitter tries his hardest and provides excellent customer service, most bowhunters will be happy with the hunt, even if an animal is not harvested. As bowhunters, we all enjoy being successful but most of us realize the most important part is the thrill of the hunt and the experience.

Our excellent group of select outfitters all cater to bowhunters and are experienced and passionate bowhunters themselves . They know what it takes to get their hunters in range of stick & string. Many outfitters claim to guide bowhunters but are mainly rifle hunting guides and just take bowhunters for some extra income. But as you know, if you are not a bowhunter yourself, you are not going to be successful guiding bowhunting clients.

SSO represents only a handful of quality outfitters that we know very well who generally offer hunts for multiple species. This lets us become intimately familiar with our outfitters. Some booking agents work with so many outfitters they can't possibly be knowledgeable about all the hunts they provide and can not provide the one-on-one service needed.

As a final note, if one of our existing outfitter's gets sloppy and stops providing quality hunts, SSO is not afraid to drop them like a hot potato. Our reputation and your hunting experience is too important to us.

Hunts Offered and Hunt Quality
At SSO, we specialize in arranging hunts for trophy-sized animals, optimally exceeding the Pope & Young Record Book minimums, with bow and arrow. Any outfitter can guide rifle or bow hunters to small or average sized bucks and bulls. But, in our opinion, thatís not why you hire an outfitter. You hire a guide to have an opportunity at trophy animals you might not otherwise have the opportunity at.

Here at SSO, we honestly believe we offer some of the best bowhunts in North America and Africa, especially for trophy-sized animals. For example, our eastern Colorado trophy whitetail and mule deer hunts offer some of the best trophy hunting in the country. Ditto for our British Columbia mountain goat and black bear hunts. Our B.C. outfitter will very likely harvest the next P&Y world record mountain goat in the near future. And our Africa hunts provide some of the best trophy quality in all of Africa.

Being a full-service company, we try to offer hunts that cover the gambit - from Colorado elk to African plains game. If you don't see the hunt you are looking for on our website, please contact us and through our network of outfitters and hunting consultants, we can generally arrange any hunt you desire.

At SSO, we are extremely honest and ethical. We donít make false promises and donít have any hidden costs; everything is spelled out. Thereís an old western saying that goes, ďYouíre only as good as your word.Ē And you can rest assured that our word is good. We will do everything we can to provide you an enjoyable, high-quality hunt. Through the years, we have maintained an excellent reputation for honesty and offering great hunts and we want to keep it that way.

It is vitally important to us for you to have a great hunt. If you don't, it just hurts our reputation because you probably won't be a return customer. We rely on satisfied return customers.

Customer Loyalty
At SSO, we offer a free service to our clients and earn our money from commissions from our outfitters. Therefore, to keep our service free to our hunters, we ask that you and your hunting buddies book your hunts directly through SSO in the future, and not directly through the outfitter. Please remember that you will always get the same price through SSO that you would through the outfitter.

In closing, we have appreciated your patronage over the last several years and look forward to serving you in the future.

Thank you and good hunting, Matt Burrows

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