Hunting Stories

This page includes hunting stories from our clients about their recent hunts with us and a few of my stories.

Gemsbok Hunt

By Gary Schiesz
June 10, 2008

Gemsbok Hunt

In my mind no other animal quite signifies Africa as fully as the gemsbok. Their beauty, incredible markings and elongated dagger like horns spell AFRICA in capitol letters.  Therefore, this majestic antelope held the number one position on my first South African safari wish list.

Utah Mountain Lion Hunt (click on link)

By Dave Spellman - Wisconsin
May 29, 2006

Watch Dave Spellman of Wisconsin harvest a huge mountain lion with stick & string in the wilds of Utah.

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Quebec Caribou Hunt

By Pat Lefemine, Owner of
Oct. 2006

Watch Pat Lefemine, founder and owner of, and several other Bowsiters hunt barren-ground caribou with our Quebec caribou outfitter, Tuttilik Outfitters. See Pat harvest an absolute monster bull.

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Alberta Dream Hunt (click on link)

By Neil Wilson - New York

Former New York State resident, now Floridian, Neil Wilson hunts with our Alberta outfitter for the bow hunt of a lifetime. Here is a first-hand account of his October 2006 archery whitetail hunt.

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Africa Bowhunt 2006 (click on link)

By: Matt Burrows

July 2006


Follow along on with Stick & String Outfitters and three of our clients on a 12-day African safari for plains game in South Africa. 

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Colorado Mountain Lion Hunt (click on link)

By: Scott Meszaros - Colorado

Scott Meszaros encounters a scary situation with a monster mountain lion in Colorado.

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Wyoming Moose Hunt (click on link)

By: Matt Burrows

Matt hunts Shiras moose in southwestern Wyoming and has a close encounter (i.e., 3 yards) with a huge bull.

3 Bulls in 2 Days - Colorado buffalo hunt - Dr. Dennis Spence (05/03)


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