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Introduction to Africa

Where can you bowhunt up to 10 big game species at a time and expect to shoot half a dozen or more animals during a 10-day bowhunt?  The answer is Africa!  Africa is a bowhunter’s paradise and many adventurous bowhunters are beginning to realize the treasures that await them there.  The number and variety of big game species you should see on a typical safari are mind-boggling including some rather large ones.  For example, while I was waiting in a tree stand a couple of years ago in Zimbabwe, a herd of 25 elephants came into water at dusk.  They were drinking and splashing in the water just 10 to 20 yards from his perch.  Talk about exciting!  On the same hunt, my hunting partner, Darren, practically had a rhino join him in his pit blind.  Can you pick a spot?


About Dries Visser Bowhunting Safaris

Stick & String Outfitters is extremely excited to offer these awesome Africa hunts to our clients. We represent one of the best and most experienced outfitters in all of Africa - DRIES VISSER SAFARIS. DRIES VISSER SAFARIS was established in 1990, after Dries Visser Sr had successfully developed the main hunting reserve from where safaris are conducted all over South Africa. 
The goal of DRIES VISSER SAFARIS is to combine hunting experience and dedication to the art of hunting, with personal care and attention to provide hunters with an experience of a lifetime. This is done by hunting the best areas with high quality trophy animals, in addition to the skill and experience of hand picked professional hunters in guiding clients to harvest the best trophies.

Dries Visser Jr grew up on the hunting reserve and gained experience from an early age, hunting with his father - his skills and experience makes him the perfect partner in his father´s hunting enterprise.
DRIES VISSER SAFARIS operates all over Southern Africa, as well as in Namibia, providing clients with a wide variety of species and difference in hunting terrain.
Since 1995 DRIES VISSER SAFARIS started to specialize in bowhunting as we realized how fast the bowhunting industry is growing. After providing bowhunting service for the past ten years DRIES VISSER SAFARIS has worked himself into one of Southern Africa’s most leading bowhunting outfitters.

A huge black wildebeest

A big eland bull

Bowhunting Experience of Outfitter

Bowhunting is conducted all over the ranches at strategic places from elevated, ground or pit blinds. The outfitter has, after many years of experience, now converted most elevated-blinds to pit-blinds or ground-blinds, these blinds are much more successful and most scents and noises are eliminated. The blinds are spacious and dark on the inside and are situated within 15-20 yards from ponds, salt or mineral licks and game trails. This enables the avid bow hunter to make effective shots to harvest his African species with a single arrow each.

A typical bowhunting hide (i.e., blind)

Our outfitter has specialized in bowhunting since 1995. His main hunting area is an exclusive bowhunting area. This private game reserve of 18,000 acres has an abundance of game and you will be able to hunt many different species from our blinds or tree stands; making this a bowhunter´s paradise!

The outfitter is a bowhunter himself as well as his guides and he knows the needs of a bowhunter. They are experienced bowhunting guides and therefore all our areas are set-up perfectly according to a bowhunters needs. There are lots of outfitters that offer bowhunting and many more that starting…but do they all understand bowhunting? Our outfitter is different than many other outfitters because he understands bowhunting, knows the needs of a bowhunter, and all his guides are bowhunters.

Dries Visser Safaris - South Africa

Phil Phillips with a beautiful zebra

A big gemsbok

A big kudu bull

A big leopard

Hunting Locations and Property Size

South Africa, "a world in one country" for the tourist, also offers the widest variety of species for the hunter, many unavailable in any other country. The diversity of habitat and hunting conditions makes South Africa an essential experience for any hunter. As proved by inscriptions in trophy record books, the best quality trophy of a wide variety of species are hunted in South Africa.

The main bowhunting concession consists of 18,000 acres in the Limpopo Province which is located in the northern part of South Africa. Apart from his private property, our outfitter also has access to many other private bow-only game reserves, which enables him to always provide our clients with different species, variety of hunting terrain and outstanding trophy quality game; as he never over-hunts his hunting areas. Past clients can testify to the fact that our outfitter hunts excellent areas with very high quality trophies.

Our outfitter owns most of his hunting areas which allows him then to manage them himself. He will never overhunt his areas and will always maintain good trophy quality. And since his property is bowhunting-only, it is set-up to bowhunting standards. He also manages his areas to keep high quality trophies at all times and will not over hunt his areas and all of his areas are exclusively for bowhunting only.

A big waterbuck

A nice warthog

Plains Game Species and Trophy Quality

Our outfitter offers an incredible variety of plains game species and has world record caliber animals. Species available on the main bowhunting concession include baboon, black wildebeest, blesbok, blue wildebeest, bushbuck, duiker, eland, gemsbok, impala, jackal, kudu, monkey, nyala, red hartebeest, sable, springbok, steenbok, tsessebe, waterbuck, and zebra (Burchells). Species on the main ranch that really stand out from a trophy quality perspective are kudu, impala, waterbuck, eland, gemsbuck. A 62.5" kudu, #1 impala of 29.5", and 44.5" gemsbok were shot on the ranch. The outfitter has many, many species in the top 10 of the record book.

Record book trophies taken at the ranch are as follow:

1) impala #1
2) gemsbuck #1
3) eland #1 (42")
4) leopard #1
5) buffalo pending #1 (scoring 132.5 inches)
6) roan antelope pending #1
7) hartebeest pending #1

Many other species are available on other ranches owned or leased by the outfitter (see price list below).

A big nyala bull

A nice bushbuck

Hunting Season

The main hunting season runs from late May through September. July and August are usually the most popular hunting months because conditions are usually dry and the animals come to water regularly. But many of the animals rut during late May and June and this can be an exciting hunt period.


Our outfitters main camp is a comfortable 3 hours drive from Johannesburg International Airport and consists of a luxury thatched lodge and en-suite chalets amid huge indigenous know thorn trees. All modern amenities are provided, including a daily laundry service. Highly trained camp staff will attend to every need and there is a pool to cool off in during the hotter months.

Meals consist of real bush cuisine, with lots of game meat on the menu, complimented by superb South African wines. Campfires and barbeques on a regular basis, amid the nocturnal sounds of the African bush, bring home the true African experience.

Wives are welcome to accompany hunters to enjoy Africa in comfort. Rich bird-life and wandering game reflect the tranquility of the African bush. Side trips can be arranged for hunter and observers, to the closely situated Marekele Game Reserve, the Pilanesburg National Park, Sun City and other destinations.


Hunters can either elect to hunt with a package deal or pay the daily rates and trophy fees separately.


Package 1: $4699

* 8 full days of hunting
* gemsbuck
* blue wildebeest
* impala
* warthog
* monkey / baboon
* 1 day of bird hunting
* Airport transfer

Package 2: $5715

* 8 full days of hunting
* kudu / waterbuck
* gemsbuck
* impala
* warthog
* blesbuck
* Airport transfer

Package 3: $7465

* 8 full days of hunting
* kudu / waterbuck
* gemsbuck
* hartebeest
* blue wildebeest
* blesbuck
* impala
* warthog
* Airport transfer

Additional information regarding the above packages:

1. 90% money back on all trophy fees not taken / harvested inside the package except for warthog which is $100 refundable.
2. VAT included in all packages
3. Airport transfer fees included inside packages
4. NO charge for your arrival and departure days, should you NOT hunt.
5. All package prices are for 2 x 1 guiding. Add $50 / day when hunting 1 x 1, make sure how you are scheduled to hunt
6. All packages can be upgraded to add more hunting days and trophies
7. Trophies inside packages can be exchanged towards other game for 90% of value, except for warthog which is $100 exchangeable
8. Side trips available for observers
9. Note the price difference on kudu and Waterbuck as packages include the standard price of $1500.


Only your International flight to South Africa plus gratuities!!!


14 Day Leopard Hunt:

* $600 / day
* Trophy fee @ $4000
* BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) $800
* Extras: Bait

5 Day Buffalo Hunt:

* $600 / day
* $12 000 Trophy fee up to 40”. Above 40” on request

5 Day Lion Hunt:

* $600 / day
* Lion Male @ on request
* Full Mane lion @ on request
* Lion Female @ $8 000

Rhino Dart:

* $600 / day
* Trophy fee @ $5000
* Veterinary @ $500 / day
* Helicopter @ $350 / hour – in needed
* Normally 1 day hunt

Or if these packages don't fit your desired wish list, you may want to hunt on a daily rate where you just pay for the animals you shoot. Here are those rates.

2007 Daily Rates (VAT Included)



1x1 Guiding $380
2x1 Guiding $330
Dangerous Game $600
Non-Hunting Observer $150

2007 Trophy Fees





African Wild Cat $350 Lechwe On Request
Baboon* $80 Caracal $400
Black Wildebeest* $1100 Monkey* $80
Blesbok* $400 Nyala* $2,250
Blesbok (White)* $600 Porcupine $300
Blue Wildebeest* $900 Red Hartebeest* $900
Bushbuck* $850 Common Reedbuck $750
Bushpig $450 Mountain Reedbuck $750
Civet $350 Roan On Request
Duiker* $300 Sable On Request
Eland (min. 7 days)* $1,900 Springbok* $500
Gemsbok* $950 White Springbok $800
Genet $200 Black Springbok* $600
Giraffe On Request Steenbok* $300
Honey Badger $380 Tsessebe* $2,400
Impala* $300 Waterbuck under 25" (min. 7 days)* $1,500
Jackal* $80 Waterbuck 25" & bigger (min. 7 days)* $100/inch extra
Klipspringer $850 Warthog* $250
Kudu under 50" (min. 7 days)* $1,500 Zebra (Burchell)* $1100
Kudu 50" or bigger (min. 7 days)* $100/inch extra Zebra (Hartman) On Request

*=Species available on main ranch.

Daily rates include:

* Service of experience professional hunter, trackers and skinners, camp personnel and hunting vehicle.
* Accommodation, meals, beverages and daily laundry services.
* Field preparation of trophies.
* Transportation of trophies to a local Taxidermists or Dip and Pack Company of the client's choice.

Daily rates exclude:

* Trophy fees for game taken or wounded.
* Taxidermy fees: packing, dipping and shipping to final destination.
* Hotel Charges before and after contracted safari period - if needed.
* Air charters if needed.
* Change of hunting area - $125/hunter - if required.
* Transfers to and from Johannesburg International Airport and hunting area: $170 / hunter

* Gratuities for staff: (below is an estimate to work from)
- Approx - $30 - $40 / day for camp staff, trackers
and skinners.
- Approx - $60 / day for your guide

Important Note: In Africa, hunters are responsible for paying for any animals hit, whether recovered or not.


PAT LEFEMINE (owner of the What an experience! I can't believe how wonderful this trip turned out - better than I had imagined! Dries Jr was the best and Ben (tracker) made me feel great - even when I was concerned about a possible bad shot on my leopard. I can't say that this hunt was anything but superb!! I'll be back!

PHIL PHILLIPS (outfitter and well-known bowhunter): The best hunt i've been on in years and I hunt a lot!! Thank you all...hope to see you soon.

CALVIN FARNER (taxidermist and well-known bowhunter): A Great experience and beautifull country. Hard working staff and wonderful host. Will recommend this operation to interested bowhunters. Keep up the great work and I look forward to a return to South Africa.


We require a nonrefundable $1500 deposit to confirm your booking ($500 for a nonhunter). The balance, together with your trophy fees, is payable at the end of your safari. In the event of cancellation, the deposit will be forfeited unless another safari is booked by the client. Only payments in the form of cash, travelers checks, or bank drafts will be accepted. Personal checks will not be accepted.


Our outfitter undertakes to exercise the utmost care to ensure the safety of you, our client and your belongings, but we cannot be responsible for any illness, accident, act of God or loss whatsoever, not any expenses arising there from.

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Choronga Safaris - South Africa

Choronga safaris is owned and operated by bowhunters giving us a unique advantage over most so-called “archery outfitters” in Africa. From the inception of our bowhunting only area we have set out to create an area that suits the unique needs of an archer. Combined, William and Evan have over 30 years of bowhunting experience and we have used every ounce of this experience to create a bowhunter’s paradise.


-Archery only!!! No rifle hunting on the concession!!!

- 23 Species of animals on the main bowhunting concession.

- Limited numbers of hunters allowed each year which means very low hunting pressure.

- Blinds designed, built, and positioned by bowhunters, for bowhunters

- All natural waterholes. (No cement damns or cattle troughs)

- Average shot is between 15 & 20 yards.







Dangerous Game Hunts (South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe)

Call for prices and details (303) 524-2461.

A huge cape bufffalo

Another big buff with a bow

Pat Lefemine of the with a huge tom (#3 SCI)

Another big tom

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