Black Bear Hunts

Northern Alberta Wilderness Fly-In Trophy Black Bear Hunt

Northwest Alberta Spring Black Bear Hunts - 2 bear limit

Idaho Spring Baited Black Bear Hunt- $1900

Idaho Bait/Hound Combination Hunts - 42 for 45 in 2008!

British Columbia Spot and Stalk Trophy Bear Hunt

Northern Alberta Wilderness Fly-In Trophy Black Bear Hunt

Hunt trophy black bears at our outfitter’s remote fly-in bear camp in northern Alberta, Canada located 150 kms north of Fort McMurray. This camp is so remote that the chance of seeing another hunter besides the guys in your camp is slim to none. Hunt where there is limited to no hunting pressure.

float plane

Trophy Quality  

The bears in this area are huge with many Pope & Young bears with a good number of color-phase bears from blonde to cinnamon to black with white blazes. Hunt trophy bears over established bait sites with your bow and set your sights on the trophy of your dreams!  Black bear hunts are done in tree stands over bait. In the case of the tricky bear, ground blinds may be used if the guide and hunter decide to go that route. Stands are set up so that hunters will have no more than a 30 yard shot, most are around 20 to 30 yards.  Black bear hunting is done with four wheel drive ATV’s.

cinnamon phase bow bear


Our outfitter’s fly-in camp is a tent camp because of its remote location but don’t let this fool you, the tent camp is very comfortable with wood stoves, wood floors, comfy cots, a shower with a hot water tank and pressure pump and electricity for lights, appliances, chargers and whatever else you might need to power up.

The cook for the fly in camp has set herself up a great cook tent with propane stoves, fridges and all the stuff needed to make you the great meals you would expect in hunting camp. You will go home very well fed.

black phase bear

Hunt Price

7 days hunting
2 bear limit

$3,900 US 1st Bear
$  750 US 2nd bear

License: $300
Charter Flight: $400

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold your spot

blonde phase bear

Our outfitter only take 16 hunters per year into camp & he is filling up fast. Don’t miss this opportunity to hunt this phenomenal area, call now to book your spot for one of his trophy spring bear hunts.

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Northwest Alberta Trophy Black Bear Hunts

Alberta is the land of monster bears! The province is known as the premiere destination in North America for trophy black bears. As a bonus, there is also a large percentage of colored bears including chocolate, cinnamon, and blond.

Our black bear hunts take place on the banks of the Smoky River all along the Saddle Hills in northern Alberta, Canada. We are permitted to use bait in this area. This area is located in the northwest corner of Alberta and you would fly into Grand Prairie, AB. I consider this the best location in Alberta to hunt black bears. There is a lot of crop land in the area and there seems to be more and bigger bears than other locations in Alberta. The last time I hunted out of Grand Prairie, I saw 24 bears in 6 nights and ended up harvesting this big chocolate P&Y bear. He weighed about 330 pounds and had a 19-inch skull. I have also hunted the Ft. McMurray area of Alberta and was not impressed. I only saw 3 bears in 7 nights.

My nice northwest Alberta P&Ychocolate bear

There is a 2 bear limit which gives you an excellent chance of bringing home a trophy size bear and even a color phase bear. Our success rate was 185% in 2008 and 2007, also in 2008 and 2007, 65% of the bears were of various color phases, from almost white to a dark chocolate brown. A lot of the bears also have a white crest on their chests. Sizes are anywhere from 4 ft. to 7 ft. and skulls from 17” to 21”. We hunt from comfortable tree stands over bait sites, some are permanent wood platforms and some are ladder stands giving you shot opportunities from 20 to 30 yards. Our black bear hunts are sure to be a great time.

Food and Lodging

Accommodations in our lodge provide all the comforts of home.

Hunting Dates and Duration

The hunt is 6 days and they generally run from early May to mid-June.

Price - $4000 for 2 bears (licenses included)

Bear hunt is $4000.00 for two bears all inclusive (tags, licensing, food, lodging, and guide). There are no trophty fees on the bear hunt.

A 50% deposit is required. All deposits are nonrefundable.

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Idaho Spring Baited Black Bear Hunt (only $1900 plus tax)

Our outfitter’s region of Idaho offers some of the best bear hunting in the United States in the St. Joe and Clearwater National Forests in units 7 and 10. We do have a 2 bear limit area available indicative of the excellent bear population. This region features the unique occurrence of the 4 color variations of black bear. Our harvest for the last several years, has been 50 to 60% color phase bear. When blacks are chosen it is generally for large size or prominent "V" marking on the chest. Located in the lush Bitterroots our areas boast some of the most spectacular scenery to be found anywhere. The spring weather is generally mild with wet periods. Best of all for our bear hunters on stand - There are NO BUGS. That's right, none of the plague of black flies you will find in the Canadian Provinces while spring hunting.

Trohpy cinnamon phase

Our outfitter maintains close to 100 bait sites. They generally take 6 hunters per week per camp and run 90 to over 100% success with all take methods combined. Bears average 5 and 1/2 to 6 and 1/2 feet in length. Every year we take a few 7 footers as well. Average weight may run from 160 to 250. Our unit 10 area offers a 2 bear limit and we have also offer trophy hunting featuring the combined use of both bait and hounds.

Trophy black phase

Depending on your personal preference, we can have you drive right into camp or at least to the snowline, if you choose to fly we will pick you up in Missoula, MT (free airport pickup).  We generally hunt from stands but a ground blind may work better on some baits. Depending on which camp you choose, we have cabins or wall tents for housing. Both have wood heat with comfortable cots and foams. You will need sleeping bags.

trophy bears

Success Rates

The unit 7 camp for 2013 has again topped 90% kill! Unit 10 saw some really nice bear taken and good kill rate as well. Fall 2013 produced good kill rates AND several wolf opportunities too.  For 2012 we took 51 spring bear and one over 450lbs with a green 20 and 10/16th skull. WOW!

bow cinnamon phase bear

Hunt Price – Starting at $1900

Bear Hunting - 1 bear over Bait     $1900 + tax

Bear Hunting - 2 bear over Bait     $2900 + tax

Bear Hunting Trophy Combo Hound & Bait, One Bear $2900 + tax, Two Bears $3900 + tax

Wolf Hunt - $2500 + tax

May, June or Sept. 7 days with us 5 days hunting.  $500 dep to confirm Res. $500 2nd deposit due Dec. 1st Final deposit with 9% tax due 30 days prior to start of Hunt

NEW Wolf hunting in Spring! Add $1500 to focus on wolf with your bear hunt in spring or fall. 

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Idaho Bait/Hound Combination Black Bear Hunts

Joel Maxfield of Mathews with a nice cinnamon bear

Joel Maxfield of Mathews with a nice chocolate bear

This is an excellent hunt because you get the combined methods of hunting over bait in the evenings and chasing bears with hounds during the day. This just increases your odds of success. In 2008, our outfitter went 42 for 45 (93%) success and the majority of the bears (~75%) were color phase bears!

This hunt is with a very well-known and respected outfitter. His hounds are top notch and his hunting area full of bears. The hunting area comprises 1.2 million acres of National Forest land near Boise. These hunts have been featured on Dave Watson's Mathews TV and many other hunting TV shows.


Here is what one of our spring 2008 clients had to say about the hunt.

"My bear was over 7 foot and should make pope and young. My wife's was 6 foot. This was my third bear and by far the best guide I have ever had. My wife had never hunted before and the guide's wife took her under her wing and made the experience awesome.

KC Cross"

Food and Lodging

Food and lodging are included in the price of the hunt and you will stay at a ranch house near the hunting area.

Price and Season - $3250

The price of the 5-day hunt is $3250 and bear licenses are available from the internet. The limit is one bear. The hunting season is May 1 to June 15.

Or you can stay in town and cover your own motel expenses for $2800.

SPECIAL - Groups of 4 or more receive 20% off the cabin hunt! (if booked by March 10th)

A 50% deposit is required. All deposits are nonrefundable.

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British Columbia Spot and Stalk Trophy Bear Hunt

The North Coast of British Columbia is home to some of the largest black bears in the world. Lush berries, heavy salmon runs, and a long growing season create an environment for extraordinary body and skull growth. Every year we harvest many bears in the 6 ½ to 7 foot range, with several bears topping 7 ½ feet. Skull sizes range from 18 to 21 inches.

Vancouver Island outfitters have done a great job marketing their hunts and positioning their island as a bear hunting mecca. However, what many serious hunters are beginning to realize is that the North Coast of B.C. actually has a better track record for record book bears than Vancouver Island. In fact, of the Top 10 bears ever killed in British Columbia, 7 out of 10 were killed directly in and around our exclusive guiding area! We hunt B.C.’s epicenter of record book bears.

British Columbia’s bear population is flourishing. Right now the number of bears in the province is estimated to be at a historical high of 160,000. That’s 30% of the entire Canadian population! Furthermore, biologists place the North Coast as one of the highest bear densities in all of B.C. Let’s just say we’ve got bears! Our hunters routinely return from their hunt having seen 40 to 50 different bears in one week. These high densities make this a perfect opportunity for a spot and stalk archery hunt.

I can personally vouch for this outfitter and hunt. I bowhunted with them a few years ago and I'll tell you, there is nothing more exciting than spotting and stalking a huge black bear on the ground with bow and arrow!

My P&Y British Columbia bear

Our outfitter offers two different options for the spring black bear hunter: A lodge hunt, and a remote coastal boat hunt. Hunts are conducted using spot and stalk methods only. We’ve found that there are few things more exciting than finding yourself face-to-face with a big coastal bear! The color phase of our bears is usually black although there are some nice chocolate bears.

Lodge Hunt - $3900

Imagine being perched high on a logging road glassing across a green valley brimming with creeks, waterfalls and snow-capped mountains. Imagine stalking down a densely vegetated road, wondering if your bear is waiting around the next corner. This is a typical day of spring bear hunting with our outfitter. Our hunters are just as impressed with the stunning country as they are with the big Coastal Black Bears.

The accommodations will be comfortable lodge style housing, and our hunters always rave about our fine home cooked meals.

Coastal Boat Hunt - $4900

If you are looking for a unique adventure while pursuing the bear of a lifetime this is the hunt for you. Imagine a vast wilderness accessed only by boat. Our coastline along the Pacific Ocean is literally teeming with life. We own exclusive guiding rights to over 400 miles of remote coastline.

For six days, you will live on a beautiful 40 foot boat. Fresh crab and prawns will be caught on a daily basis. Other incredible meals will be prepared by our chef and captain. You’ve never eaten so well.

Smaller boats will be used to access tidal flats and estuaries where hungry bears feed on lush springtime vegetation. We will glass these areas and plan stalks as bears are spotted.

Hunt Dates and Prices

Dates: April 15th thru June 15th


2x1 Lodge Hunt (6 days) $3,900
1x1 Lodge Hunt (6 days) $4,900

Second Bear $1,500 trophy fee

* Hunt prices do not include license, tags, and taxes.

A 50% deposit is required. All deposits are nonrefundable.

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