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World-Class Mountain Goat Hunting

Simply stated, there is no better place on Mother Earth to hunt Mountain Goats than the Northern Coast Mountains of British Columbia. This region is home to the highest population density of goats in North America. Furthermore, short winters, few predators, and controlled hunting pressure have augmented the quality of this already world-renowned gene pool.

Hunting Area and Trophy Quality

Our outfitter's guiding area lies in the heart of this region. Their 4000 square mile exclusive hunting territory is literally the “best of the best”. Take a look at the Boone and Crockett Record Book; you will find that our exclusive guiding area has produced more “Top Fifty” Mountain Goats than any other outfitting area in the world. Since the inception of our outfit, we’ve boasted nearly a 100% success rate, and more than 75% of our rifle-killed goats have qualified for Boone and Crockett.


About Our Outfitter

Our outfitter is a bowhunter himself and was fortunate enough to harvest the #2 all-time Pope & Young goat. The owners specialize in goat hunting with a bow and it is their passion! They live in goat country and spend most of their spare time scouting for trophy billies and learning their habits. They know how to judge your trophy and we know how to get you close. So, whether you’re a bow hunter looking for a successful hunt or you’re searching for that new world record, these goat hunts are the best money can buy.

Our outfitter and his partner with the #2 P&Y mountain goat

The outfit is owned and operated by avid bow hunters! We truly believe that a bow hunter will have a better chance of taking a trophy Mountain Goat with this outfitter than with any other outfitter in Canada. Not only is the high animal density in their area perfect for bow hunting, but all of our guides are bowhunters themselves! Their guides are experienced stalkers and know how to get hunters within their comfortable shooting range.

Hunt Details

Our early fall hunts take place from Aug. 20th to Oct. 15th in the high alpine basins and peaks of the Coast Mountains. This time of year the big billies are off on their own or in bachelor groups sticking to a very structured and predictable lifestyle of eating and resting. We spend a great deal of time in the pre-season, scouting and setting up camps. On many occasions, specific trophies have been located before the hunter arrives. The terrain and behavioral patterns in the fall make this a premiere opportunity for a bow hunter to harvest a trophy billy.

We operate our beautiful, modern base camp from high in the Coast Mountains. From there, we use a float plane to access over 30 high mountain lakes. We also back pack into select remote areas. We use extremely lightweight and comfortable mountaineering gear. We move “light and fast” in order to cover a lot of country and see a maximum number of goats. The better your physical conditioning, the better off you will be on this hunt.

Late-season hunts (i.e., late October and November) and February hunts are also conducted mainly for rifle hunters looking for a prime coat.

Approximate Hunt Dates

Fall Hunt Aug 15 - Oct 15 (recommend for archery)
Late-Season Hunt Oct 16 - Nov 30
February Hunt Feb 1 – Feb 28

Hunt Price

Fall Hunt $9,900 (Plus $1500 trophy fee)

Includes all travel while hunting and bush flight to high-mountain lake

Late-Season Rut Hunt $11,900 (Plus $1500 trophy fee)
February Hunt $11,900 (Plus $1500 trophy fee)

Hunt prices do not include license, tags, and taxes.
All travel and bush flights are included in hunt price.
5% government goods and service tax
Hunting Preservation Fund (NRHPF) 125.00 (no GST)
Government Royalties - Goat 150.00
Hunting License -180.00, Goat tag – 350.00

A 50% nonrefundable deposit is required to book your hunt.

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