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Elk Hunt Introduction

A 340 gross Saskatchewan bull

For some, the sound of the wilderness is the cry of the loon. To others, it is the howl of a wolf. However, here in the West, what gets our blood boiling is the shrill bugle of the bull elk.  To us, no sound in the outdoor world compares.  Matt Hookom went on this first elk hunt with us in 2009 and harvested this awesome 340 gross Saskatchewan bull (free range) on his first day.

We only arrange PRIVATE LAND elk hunts as we don't feel we can offer the excellent quality hunts we demand on public land.

Silt Colorado Private Land Elk Hunt ($4000) monster 350+ bull elk

Neil Marcellino scores big in 2009 on this 350+ bull

This is another excellent private land Colorado elk hunt with an incredible success rate. In 2009, there was a 100% shooting rate and a 60% success. Unfortunately, there were a lot of missed shots. The hunt is on 27,000 acres of private land (and an additional 82,000 acres of BLM land) in northwest Colorado near the town of Rifle. The area is loaded with elk - you should be into elk every morning and evening. The trophy quality on this hunt is also very good with most bulls ranging from approximately 270-340. The outfitter has been guiding the property for 28 years.

We stay at the lodge and leave out by 4 wheel drive each morning to hunt the different ranches, this is a great hunt because we can rotate properties that we hunt, moving with the game and also giving them a rest to keep the game on our properties. This hunt is fully guided with 2 hunters to 1 guide and includes meals and lodging. The lodge is modern and has all of the conveniences of home with hot showers, home cooked meals, land line phone and Directv.

Lee & Tiffany Lakosky hunt mule deer there every year and shoot monster bucks (see Mule Deer Hunts). You can also do a combinedelk/mule deer hunt.

monster muley buck

Lee Lakosky's monster buck!

Hunt Price and Duration - 5 days for $4000

A 50% nonrefundable deposit is required to book your hunt.

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New Mexico Elk Hunts

Our outfitter has exclusive hunting rights on 100,000 acres of private ranches in Northern New Mexico's Unit 4 and Unit 78 in Southern Colorado. This game-rich environment is so famous for its abundance of elk that many veteran elk hunters refer to this area as "Elk Central". All New Mexico elk licenses are guaranteed by landowner permit - NO DRAW Easy access, with exclusive hunting on private land with limited hunting. No horses needed. Bow hunters have enjoyed a 69% opportunity (kill, pass, miss or wound) over the past ten seasons. Bow hunters have a 32% harvest success over the past 6 seasons. 65% repeat clients.

Treestand Hunts - 5 Full Days

Our treestand hunts are very popular with entry level bow hunters. Not only are they priced lower than any other hunts we offer,
but half the seasons they are the highest success Archery hunts. Since these hunts are strictly stand hunts, they are dependant on dry weather. If the weather is hot and dry, then they are terrific. If it is cool and rainy, these hunts will have below average success. The
bear hunting on the treestand hunts is excellent, with 38% harvest success. 80% of the bears are of a color phase (chocolate,
cinnamon or blonde).



Semiguided Hunts - 5 Full Days

This hunt was born of necessity, by request of our clients. A hybrid Treestand/Guided hunt. In the morning you and your guide will chase the pre-rut bulls and in the evening you will sit a treestand.

PRICES- 1X1-$3,950.00 AND 2X1 $3,600.00

Fully Guided Hunts - 5 Full Days

PRICES-1X1-$4,950.00 AND 2X1 $4,450.00

A 50% nonrefundable deposit is required to book your hunt.

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British Columbia Elk Hunts

British Columbia Wilderness Archery Elk Hunt – 10 days for $5000!

Our outfitter’s region is located in the East Kootenay Regional District of beautiful southeastern British Columbia. The elevation throughout the region ranges from 6000 to 8500 feet, and with approximately 400 square miles of rugged Rocky Mountain wilderness and abundant wildlife, the area is a hunter’s paradise.  The location is only about 1 hour north of the Idaho border.  You can drive to the hunting location or fly into Cranbrook, BC where the outfitter will pick you up.

Cranbrook BC  

All of our hunts are guided by experienced guides who are very familiar with the hunting area. They can offer back pack hunts, or give you the option of using ATV's or horses.  All of our staff including the guides and cooks are here to make your hunt a success. Our outfitter looks forward to hosting you for an upcoming hunt!

Due to the relatively high elevation and rugged country, you will want to be in top physical shape for this hunt.

BC wilderness

Trophy Quality and Population

Mature bulls in this area generally range from about 270 to 300 with some larger bulls.  The elk population is relatively high and you should be into elk every day.

Hunting Season

The hunting season in this area of British Columbia runs from Sept. 1 – 10 which generally coincides with the peak of the rut.

Food and Lodging

You will stay in heated cabins and eat home-cooked meals. Then hunting will be on horses or ATVs.

BC lodge

Hunt Price - $5000 1x1

The price of this 10-day hunt is $5000 and is 1x1 guided

The base price is $4000 with a $1000 trophy fee

The license fee is $500

You can beat the price and duration of this hunt.  The outfitter also only takes 3-4 archery hunters per year so don’t delay.

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