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British Columbia Trophy Canada Moose Hunts

This is quite literally the "go to" place for archery moose hunts!

About Our Outfitter

Our outfitter has been in the guiding business for over twenty years and has a proficient hunting operation with an abundance of trophy animals. He purchased his area in 2001 and since then have leased another 2000 sq. miles of the most scenic terrain that the North has to offer, this area is known for the famous Pink Mountain Rory's Cougarand the beautiful Sikanni and Halfway river drainages and their tributaries. The area is very remote and our outfitter uses chartered aircraft, horses, and backpacking to hunt this vast wilderness landscape.

Our professional guides and staff who enjoy the Mountains and love to hunt, are some of the most hardworking, experienced friendly people you will meet in the industry, they will do their best to cater to our clients needs and ensure their hunt is a life time experience they never had. Our outfitter and his son are both bowhunters themselves and guide about 80% archery hunters. So they know what it takes to harvest one of these monster animlas with Stick & String.

We feel along with some other outfitters this is one of the best Moose hunting areas (size and numbers of Moose) in B.C. period!

Hunting Period

The Moose hunting is excellent in mid August to early September, as a spot and stock hunt when the bulls are high in the alpine basin and easy to spot, the best rut hunting/calling is in mid-late September and early October when the bulls are moving allot searching for available cows. Moose can make a great combination hunt with Stone Sheep, Elk, Mountain Caribou or Interior Mountain Grizzly.


Trophy Quality

An average Moose in our Northern area would score in the 170-190 class with some reaching over the 195 Boone & Crocket marker and have exceptionally long paddles shooting upwards. On our moose hunts we would not even look at taking a moose unless it were 50’’ and 170 plus. Last year one archery hunter took a monster bull that gross scored 208 inches B&C and was 57 inches wide!

Success Rate

2008 was unbelievable, all but one hunter was on a Moose kill and all but three were taken with archery equipment. Three archery hunters took B&C Moose. The Northern area has in the past produced 80-100 bulls per year for previous outfitters and has a 95% success rate. We only take 12 -16 hunters in 2200 square miles to ensure a trophy animal is taken.

Hunt Price and Details

10 Day Fully Guided 1x1 Moose Hunt $8500

Combination Hunts:

Add any one species of Elk/Goat/Caribou for an additional $1,500.00. Taking two species on your hunt is not unreasonable at all.


* Gov. Sales Tax of 5% will be charged on Chartered flights, Royality fees, License & Tag fees
* Prices may change without notice
* Paid in US Funds
* 2 on 1 discounts available

Additional Costs:

* Air Charter Fee to camp - $1500.00 per person (round trip)
* Unscheduled flight / early departure
* Commercial Flights or transportation from Ft St John to Lodge
* Meat Flights $400.00 per flight
* Non-hunting companion - $250.00 per day
* Packer (on request)- $150.00 per day
* Shipping & crating of Trophies and/or meat
* Staff tips typically 10-12%
* Government goods and service tax 5%
* Additional hunting days
* Hunting Preservation Fund (NRHPF) 125.00 (no GST)
* Government Royalties:
Grizzly -1000.00, Sheep- 250.00, Goat – 150.00, Moose, Caribou, Elk - 125.00, Black Bear - 75.00, Wolf - 50.00 (there is no GST on Government Royalties)
* Gov License & Tag Fees:
Hunting License -180.00, Goat tag – 350.00, Moose/Elk each tag 250.00, Wolf tag 50.00, Grizzly - 1030.00, Caribou - 230.00, Black Bear - 180.00

Please contact us for more details:

* 2009 bookings fill up fast, so please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested.

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