British Columbia Mountain Goat Hunts

The west coast of British Columbia literally has the largest mountain goats in the world.


Last fall our outfitter guided an archery hunter to the potential world record goat which officially scored a whopping 55 inches! A few other big ones were taken that scored 54 1/8 and 54-inches.

B.C.'s Northcoast bordering Alaska is noted for having the highest population of mountain goat in north America. Our Exclusive 10,000 sq. mile guide area is located in the heart of mountain goat heaven. Towering peaks, mountains, ice fields provide some the best habitat for these magnificent animals. The high mountain goat population in our area allows for an extended season. Goats maybe hunted right up until the end of February.


Trophy Quality

Our area boasts the best trophy mountain goats available with over 40 alpine lakes to choose from. Record 10" Billy's are the norm, not the exception. A rotation of our harvest areas virtually ensures record class mountain goats on all hunts.


Hunting Area

Our Outfitters hunting area is located 500 miles northwest of Vancouver. We have commercial flights from Vancouver 2-3 times per day with Air Canada and Hawk Air. Hunters should fly to Terrace & Prince Rupert. Your arrival in Terrace or Prince Rupert will depend on your specified hunt. We will notify you which location to fly to. We can assist in your flight arrangements.

Early Season Fly-In Hunts

August & September are the 2 best months for fly-ins. Our mountain goat camps are located on remote alpine lakes. Camps are equipped with comfortable wall tents with heat. They are built to withstand the wettest and harshest weather this region is known for. From camp you will hike the various hills & ridges in search of your trophy mountain goat. Goats are usually observed from camp on the surrounding hills. We hike the mountains and ridges around camp and return to our base camp each night. We are equipped with mountain tents for the 1-2 day excursions from base camp. Our fly-in goat hunts are prescouted on a yearly basis to ensure trophy quality. Not often does a hunt last more than 3-4 days. We target trophy billy's, NOT NANNY'S. The abundance of mountain goats on our fly-in hunts allows for even challenged hunters to bag a goat. We only take 1-2 goats from each camp per season to ensure a thriving population.


Late Season Hunts

We target the goats as they prepare for the rut. The goats move from summer feeding areas to common ground with the nanny and kids. 2-3 billy's together is very common at this time of year. This is a physical hunt, as you are climbing from the bottom of the mountain, but it's not mountain climbing. 1-3 hour climbs are to be expected. We hunt from cabins and wall tents in selected areas. We use trucks, atv's and jet boats in support of the hunt. Trophy billy's with long hair will be harvested on this hunt.


Winter Hunts

Winter says it all! Mountain goats have moved to the wintering grounds. They are now near the bottom of the mountain. This is the best time for a hunter with physical limitations to bag a goat. Long range shots in the 300 yard range if you don't want to hike. Snow machines, snow shoes and atv's is how we access these areas. Goats at this time of year have maximum hair length. You won't see a goat with this much hair unless it's come from here! We have exclusive winter hunting for


Hunt Prices

Early Season Goat Hunt - Pack In

$7000 1x1

$6000 2x1

7 days

9 days

  Aug. 1 - Sept. 30
Fly-in Goat Hunt $8500 1x1 9 Day     Aug. 1 - Sept. 30
Fly-in Goat Hunt $6500 2x1 9 Day $1500 Trophy Fee Aug. 1 - Sept. 30
Late Season Goat Hunt $8500 1x1 9 Day     Oct. 1 - Dec. 15
Winter Goat $11000 1x1 9 Day     Jan. 1 - Feb. 28

*Fly-in Hunts require a $900 US Air charter fee.

Reservations & Fees

  • 50% deposit to secure hunt date.
  • All rates are in U.S. funds and are subject to 3% tax (GST).
  • $125 Non-Resident Habitat Preservation Fee is required from all non-Canadian hunters.
  • NOTE: All deposits are non-refundable, you may reschedule for a later date or find a replacement.
  • Prices do not include Licenses & Tags.
  • Extra Harvest fees due on success...Bear $75, Goat $150, Moose $125, Grizzly $1000, Wolf $50.
  • $900. US Air charter fee for fly-ins, non-hunters $1200.
Tags & License Fees
Non-Resident $190.80
Mountain Goat $371.00
Moose $265.00
Grizzly $1091.80
Black Bear $190.80
Wolf $53.00
Wolverine $42.40

Prices subject to change without notice.

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