Mountain Lion Hunting

Southern Utah Mountain Lion Hunt - $4000

Ever been face to face with a huge deer-killing machine?  If youíve never tried lion hunting, you havenít experienced the meaning of excitement!  Nothing in the outdoors compares to the superior disdain in the eyes of a cougar as his gaze catches yours.  Every outdoorsman should meet that look, and we are the best at providing you with that opportunity.

Southern Utah Mountain Lion Hunting

Here is a testimonial from one of our hunters:

"Thanks Matt for hooking me up with Master Lion Guide, located in southern Utah. I never got the impression I was on a guided hunt, I was with a friend and hunting buddy. Leroy pursues lions with a passion in the snow or on dry ground. It's a very elite group of houndsmen that can trail the big cats on bare ground. This alone is prove positive, Leroy wants to get you face to face with a cat. And WoW, finally after 10-14 hours each day, day-in and day-out, searching, then on the last day of my hunt and after an exhaustive 6 hour chase, I got an intense face to face introduction to a 170 pound killing machine, we called scar-face, his face, had old healed-up wounds and fresh ones. What a thrill. One arrow to the vitals and I have the good problem of figuring out were to put a full mount in my small house. Thanks again Matt for connecting me with my new friend and hunting buddy, Leroy, the "Master Houndsmen & Lion Guide"

Doug Callies - Campbell Sport, WI -

Doug Callies with his Pope & Young tom!

Doug and "Master Lion Guide" Leroy with Nelly, the "tracking machine"

Doug's lion in the tree

Lion tracks in the dirt.

Hunting Area and Method

Our outfitter hunts a huge area of National Forest and BLM land in southern Utah. Hunts will be offered in two excellent mountain lion areas of Utah, the southwest corner based out of St. George and the southeast corner based out of Blanding. The terrain around St. George consists of mountainous terrain with volcanic rocks, cedar trees, small pines and streams and also some desert country. The terrain around Blanding consists mostly of desert country with large sandstone cliffs and dry sand washes. The actual hunt are will depend of the desired date of your hunt.

The hunt is with hounds which is the most effective method to hunt lions.  The outfitter has 3-4 different well-trained packs of dogs consisting of approximately 30 animals so you don't need to worry about the dogs getting tired and not being able to hunt.  The dogs and desert conditions allow dry land hunting in addition to tracking on snow.  Dry land hunting is a big advantage because you don't have to rely on good snow conditions like most lion outfitters need.  The outfitter also has several guides and family members working for him who will drive the roads separately and then contact the outfitter via radio when a track is found.  You won't find a harder working outfitter than this one.


Licenses and Season

Some of the licenses are limited draw but most are available over the counter for $258 (2005 nonresident). The season runs from approximately November through May.  

Success Rates and Trophy Quality

Last year our outfitter was 100% successful with 80% of the animals taken being large toms.  The toms averaged 150-160 lb. which is a very high average and one of the toms was 180 lb.  Most toms taken exceed the Pope & Young minimum.  Any weapon can be used. The outfitter cannot guarantee his hunts, but he will work as hard as possible to make your hunt successful.

Hunt Price - $4000 (6 day hunt) - food and lodging included

This is a reasonably priced great hunt and the outfitter is one of the best lion outfitters in Utah (call for references). Don't miss out on this opportunity.  With the pressure from the antihunters, we will not be able to hound hunt lions forever.  Now is your chance to harvest a lion at an incredible price. The price is $3500 which is a bargain for a mountain lion hunt (plus 6.35% sales tax).

This hunt is a 6-day fully guided lion hunt. Food and lodging extra.

1/2-Price Return Policy: Our outfitter is so confident in his hunts, he offers an incredible bounce-back policy: if you are unable to fill your tag on your first hunt, you may return the following year for 1⁄2 of our regular price! What else could a hunter ask for?

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