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Eastern Colorado Trophy Mule Deer Hunts


Many hunters are beginning to realize that eastern Colorado holds some of the largest whitetail and mule deer bucks in the country. This is because the vast majority of the land is private, rifle licenses are very limited, the winters are mild, and there is an abundance of crops for growing huge racks. And our outfitters lease several of the best ranches the area has to offer. All of our outfitter's leases are hand-picked and provide the habitat to produce trophy class bucks. These ranches are spread over several game management units and offer a diverse selection of habitats for our clients. Their leases are managed for both trophy class animals and a quality hunting experience.

Trophy Quality

Without exaggerating, eastern Colorado rivals any place in North America for trophy mule deer and whitetails. Hunters come from all over the country to hunt eastern Colorado. Trophy quality is just unbelievable! Mature muley bucks generally range from an incredible 160 to 200 inches gross. Several bucks grossing over 200 have been taken.


matts md

Matt Burrows with my 205" nontypical eastern Colorado mule deer. 

Hunting Method

Hunting is generally by spot and stalking which is an exciting deer hunting method.Deer will be glassed from a vehicle or hillside until they bed and then a stalk will be planned.With this hunting method, you can select the buck you want to hunt rather than relying upon chance.


License Availability

All deer licenses in Colorado are issued by a lottery drawing and the application deadline is usually at the beginning of April.  But we have many hunts that only require 0-1 preference points and the outfitter takes care of all application procedures. But if you don't draw a license or happen to book your hunt after the application deadline, our outfitter can generally get you transferrable landowner permit for approximately $250-$500. Our outfitters lease property in several different game management units in eastern Colorado and can assist you in applying for the correct group of units.  Archery licenses are generally valid for a group of game management units. 

With the exception of whitetail only licenses, your license will be valid for either a whitetail or mule deer. This is important because on our hunts, you never know whether a trophy whitetail buck or mule deer buck might stroll by. All of our leases have both whitetails and mule deer but some units are better for mule deer and some better for whitetails.


Hunting Dates

Archery deer season in eastern Colorado is very generous and goes from October 1 to December 31, excluding the short rifle season(s). However, for big mule deer we recommend hunting during the rut in November. However, the early season towards the beginning of October can also be good as the bucks are still in bachelor groups and more predictable than the rut.

Archery Hunt Duration and Price

We book hunts for two excellent eastern Colorado outfitters with different pricing structures.
Here they are:

Outfitter #1:

6 day 2x1 hunt
Food and lodging included
$4500 plus $1000 harvest fee

Outfitter #2:

5 day 2x1 hunt
Food and lodging extra

Our outfitters only take a very limited number of hunters on each property so book early.

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Western Colorado Trophy Mule Deer Hunts


We have an excellent archery mule deer hunt in western Colorado near the town of Silt. The hunt is on private land and the ranch consists of 8,000 prime mule deer acres with extensive habitat improvements with hunt elevations from 6500 to 7500 feet. It is easily accessed by vehicle or foot and has a very high harvest rate. The lodging is right on the ranch. The ranch is very secluded and a great place to get away from it all with a second to none hunt. The ranch has been featured on many outdoor TV shows. The lodge has all the comforts of home with Direct TV, hot showers, home style meals, land-line phones, etc.

Trophy Quality

The ranch has excellent trophy quality and because of that many outdoor TV hosts have hunted there.Lee and Tiffany Lakosky of the “The Crush” TV show generally hunt there every year and country star Blake Shelton hunts there. These hunting celebrities can hunt anywhere they want but they keep coming back to this ranch. That says a lot!

Hunting TV star Lee Lakosky with a monster velvet mule deer. 

Country singer Blake Shelton with his nice buck. 


Hunting Method

Most of the hunting is done by ground blinds set up on crop fields with some spot and stalk.

Hunt Price

$4500 for 5 days
Hunt dates from Aug. 31 until Sept. 29, 2013
This is a fully guided hunt with 2 hunters to 1 guide and includes food and lodging.

License Availability

All deer licenses in Colorado are issued by a lottery drawing and the application deadline is usually at the beginning of April.Archery licenses are generally easy to draw for this area. 

COLORADO STATE LAW: All hunters born after Jan. 1, 1949 must have and carry their valid safety education card while hunting. 

These hunts are very popular and book up early so please plan ahead. 

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South Dakota Spot and Stalk Mule Deer Hunting

The mule deer shown above was harvested with our outfitter by Jeff Miller on September 28th, 2009. This incredible mule deer, along with five other big mule deer bucks were located in a brushy draw between an alfalfa field and a small pond. Jeff and his cameraman positioned themselves in between the feild and small pond. After a long chess match with this monarch, Jeff was able to draw on him and make a well placed shot. The deer went approximately 100 yards and tipped over. This monster mule deer scores 203 4/8" gross!

Jeff Miller's 203 inch buck

Jeff Miller's 2009 203-inch gross buck!

In my opinion, spot and stalking mule deer is some of the most exciting, challenging, and rewarding bowhunting available. Nothing thrills me more than trying to get in bow range of a bedded group of bachelor mule deer bucks. An advantage of spot and stalk
hunting is that can pick the buck you want to hunt. Also, rather than just hunting early in the morning and late in the evening, you can hunt all day. Once you spot a bedded buck or group of bucks, your hunt begins and it may take all day to stalk within bow
range and get a shot. You have the opportunity to make things happen rather than relying upon the animal to move into your range. I've personally hunted mule deer in South Dakota by spot and stalking several times. I shot this buck there a few years ago.

My 2007 buck taken spot & stalk

South Dakota has some prime spot and stalk hunting due to the broken, open terrain. Our outfitter has access to approximately 100,000 acres of private hunting ground in southwestern South Dakota. All of the hunts are conducted on private ranches that were selected because of the trophy quality animals they hold. Our outfitter believes in wildlife management and that is why they try to harvest only mature bucks or cull bucks. They also harvest several does per year to keep the buck to doe ratio in check.

Trophy Quality and Population

Trophy quality is excellent. Mature bucks geneally range from 150-180 inches and the average sized buck harvested is in the mid 160's. Our outfitter's goal is not to harvest anything smaller than 160 which is a great buck with a bow. The opportunity rate
with a bow is also very high generally 100%. It will be up to you whether you harvest the big one. While you are hunting, it is not uncommon for the hunter to see 50 to 100 animals a day. You will see a variety of different country to include: badlands,
river bottoms, brushy river breaks, crop fields and food plots.

A huge typical muley

License Availability and Season

Archery licenses in South Dakota are guaranteed and the nonresident license fee is only $195. The best times to hunt mule deer are mid to late October and early November.

Food and Lodging

All of our hunts are fully guided and include room and board, food and guide. The hunts we provide are conducted either from a motel or a ranch house with all of the modern coveniences. Once a hunter has booked a hunt with us, they would then make
arrangements to fly into Rapid City, SD. From there, you would rent a car and then it is a short drive to the hunting location. Or airport pickup can be arranged for a fee of $200 per round trip (not per hunter).

Hunt Price and Duration

5 day 1x1 hunt for $3950

Airport pickup - $200 per round trip (not per hunter)

A 50% nonrefundable deposit is required to book a hunt. The balance is due prior to start of hunt payable in cash, cashiers check or travelers check. 5.5% sales tax not included in price of hunt.

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New Mexico Mule Deer Hunts

Mule deer are hunted on private ranches. Our outfitter leases over 15,000 acres in Southeast, New Mexico. It has taken him many years to put together the quality private land hunts he now offers. He offers late season mule deer hunts for the bowhunter. The archery season is a late-season hunt running from January 1-15. All deer licenses are available over the counter. This private-land deer hunt is priced at an incredible price of $2750.

Ted Nugent with his 2008 buck with our outfitter

Location, Terrain, and Trophy Quality

Elevations in our hunt areas range from 6500 to more than 9000 feet, with the terrain being rugged so it is helpful to be in good physical condition. The terrain consists of cedar trees, pinion and juniper trees, and canyons. We take bucks 25" and larger every year and mule deer bucks generally range from 140" to 190".

Late Season Archery Deer Hunts

The late archery season in this area of New Mexico runs from January 1 - 15 which is a great time to hunt because the deer are usually still rutting and there is not much else to hunt this time of year. Hunting is generally conducted by sitting waterholes, blinds along trails, and spot and stalking. There is a good number of deer on the ranch and it would not be uncommon to see 25 bucks per day.

Food and Lodging

Food and lodging is included in the price of the hunt and you will stay at a ranch house located on the hunting ranch.


Deer licenses can be purchased over the counter after you arrive and the cost of the license is $310 (high demand unit).

Seasons, Prices, and Hunt Length

Hunting Method

Hunt Length
Hunting Method
Archery Season
January 1 - 15
6 days
Water holes, blinds on trails, spotting and stalking

Prices do not include license fees, 5% state tax or gratuities. Guided hunts are 2 on 1 hunter to guide ratio and 1 on 1 is $500 additional.

A 50% nonrefundable deposit is required to book the hunt.

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