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Eastern Colorado Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts

Northern Wyoming Trophy Whitetail Hunts

Eastern Colorado Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts

Archery landowner deer permits are available for free! (click here for details)


bob fromme

Chris Green with a 2009 158-inch gross whitetail buck taken along the Arkansas River in southeast CO. Our exclusive hunting property is 35,000 acres.. 


Many hunters are beginning to realize that eastern Colorado holds some of the largest whitetail and mule deer bucks in the country. This is because the vast majority of the land is private, rifle licenses are very limited, the winters are mild, and there is an abundance of crops for growing huge racks. And our outfitter leases several of the best ranches the area has to offer. He has exclusive outfitting rights to approximately 65,000 acres of private ranch land which includes over 25 miles of creek bottom inhabited by both muleys and whitetails. All of our outfitter's leases are hand-picked and provide the habitat to produce trophy class bucks. These ranches are spread over several game management units and offer a diverse selection of habitats for our clients. His leases are managed for both trophy class animals and a quality hunting experience.

One of our prime whitetail properties is located along the famed Arkansas River in southeast Colorado. We have exclusive outfitting rights to about 35,000 acres of private land which includes approximately 6 miles of river bottom for prime bowhunting.

shane buck

Trophy Quality

Without exaggerating, eastern Colorado rivals any place in North America for trophy mule deer and whitetails. Hunters come from all over the country to hunt eastern Colorado. Trophy quality is just unbelievable! Mature whitetail bucks generally range from an incredible 130 to 180 inches gross, with a 150 inch gross average over the last 20 years. Several bucks grossing over 180 have been taken.



md shedding

Harry Suprenant with a nice whitetail buck. This year will be Harry's third year in a row hunting with us.

Hunting Method

Hunting is generally by treestand hunting along the creek bottoms during the rut which can be a very productive hunting method for the big bucks.


Matt Burrows with my 150-inch net eastern Colorado mule deer. 

License Availability

All deer licenses in Colorado are issued by a lottery drawing and the application deadline is usually at the beginning of April.  But we have many hunts that only require 0-1 preference points and the outfitter takes care of all application procedures. But if you don't draw a license or happen to book your hunt after the application deadline, our outfitter can generally get you transferrable landowner permit for free! Most outfitters charge their clients between $500 and $1000 for a landowner permit but our outfitter doesn't charge anything extra.  The outfitter leases property in several different game management units in eastern Colorado and can assist you in applying for the correct group of units.  Archery licenses are generally valid for a group of game management units. 

With the exception of whitetail only licenses, your license will be valid for either a whitetail or mule deer. This is important because on our hunts, you never know whether a trophy whitetail buck or mule deer buck might stroll by. All of our leases have both whitetails and mule deer but some units are better for mule deer and some better for whitetails.

Hunting Dates

Archery deer season in eastern Colorado is very generous and goes from October 1 to December 31, excluding the short rifle season(s). However, for big whitetails we recommend hunting during the rut or pre rut in November. However, the early season towards the beginning of October can also be good as the bucks are still in bachelor groups and more predictable than the rut.

All archery deer hunts begin at noon the first day and end at noon the last day.

Food and Lodging

Food and lodging are extra but our outfitter can assist you in locating an inexpensive, yet comfortable place to stay close to the hunting area.

Archery Hunt Duration and Price - $2,750 for 7 days (Self Guided)

These hunts are self guided. However, the outfitter will meet you at the property prior to your first hunt and show you around the property and make hunting recommendations.  Many treestands have already been placed at the best spots or you can add your own. A pop-up ground blind wouldn't hurt either. As these hunts are treestand hunts and the outfitter has been guiding hunts on the properties for over 20 years, going self guided is really not a detriment and our hunters have been extremely successful.

The outfitter only takes a very limited number of hunters on each property.

Food and lodging extra.

Rifle Hunts

Our outfitter takes a very limited number of rifle hunters. As eastern Colorado's rifle seasons are in late Oct. and early Dec. and the archery hunts are conducted in early Oct. and Nov. during the rut and our outfitter takes such a low number of hunters, it really doesn't negatively affect archery hunting.

super high

Rifle Hunt Price

Early Season (opens in late Oct.) - 5 days 2x1 for $5000

Late Season (opens Dec.1) - 5 days 2x1 for $5500

Food and lodging extra.

A 50% nonrefundable deposit is required to book the hunt.


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Northern Wyoming Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts

Mac Varner of Alabama with a huge 150-class 2009 archery buck

Wyoming is a sleeper state when it comes to big whitetails. Most hunters across the country don't realize the incredible trophy whitetail hunting offered in the State. And this hunt is on some of the best whitetail properties we have ever seen. Mature bucks generally range from 130-180 inches and the whitetail population is extremely high.

I hunted there in September 2009 with two clients and we were seeing up to 100 whitetail deer per day coming to a crop field and a large proportion of those were bucks! And that was during September. The whitetail hunting is nothing short of incredible!

Hunting Area

Our outfitter is a second generation outfitter operating in the local area for the last 20 plus years. He leases or owns approximately 20,000 acres of exclusive, prime whitetail habitat including over 6 miles of river bottom perfect for treestand hunting monster whitetails. The hunt takes place in north central Wyoming near the town of Sheridan in the beautiful foothills of the Big Horn Mountains.

Trophy Quality and Population

This hunt is for some of the largest whitetail bucks in the West. Mature bucks generally range from a whopping 130 to 180 inches with the average buck taken being about 150 inches! The whitetail population and buck to doe ratio are also extremely high. During the rut, you can expect to see bucks traveling all day long.

Hunt Duration and Cost

$4500 which includes the cost of a nonresident deer tag.

The hunt is 4 days and includes motel and lunches. Breakfasts and dinners are not included.

The hunt will take place during the peak of the rut in November.


Whitetail licenses are easy to draw and leftover licenses have been available after the draw for the last several years.

A 50% nonrefundable deposit is required to book the hunt.

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11 point wt

A beautiful 11-point whitetail buck.

Celebrity Hunters

Due to excellent trophy quality, several nationally-known celebrity bowhunters have filmed hunts with our outfitter including Bob Fromme of Performance Archery; and Stan Potts, Pat Reeve, and Greg Miller of North American Whitetail Television.

wt buck 3

Pat Reeve of N. American Whitetail TV with his nice whitetail taken from a treestand. 

I can also vouch for the excellent quality deer hunting in eastern Colorado as I have bowhunted there for the last 20 years and harvested half a dozen Pope & Young whitetails over the years .


Matt's whitetail

My 150-net 8 point buck taken with the outfitter in 2005








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