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2007 New Mexico Late Season Mule Deer Hunt Summary

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In January 2007, our New Mexico outfitter had two archery mule deer hunters semiguided. The hunters saw close too a hundred bucks and passed on several the first few days and again on the last day in hopes of getting a real trophy. One hunter wounded but wasn't able to recover a huge nontypical buck. The ranch is 6,000-acres and is some really good mule deer hunting with the average shot being forty yards. We hunt from ground blinds and spot and stalk. I have a house set up for the hunters to stay in and they fly into ElPaso, Tx. Price of hunt in 2008 is $2200 2 on 1 and $2950 1 on 1. The hunters who were there in 07 both said it was one of the best trips they had ever been on and would be back again. The license is over the counter and is $270.00. I have several hunters coming for this hunt in 08 and the season starts Jan 1-15. Six day hunts during that time frame which is during the rut. It's a great late season hunt!


For those of you who apply for AZ elk (everyone should), just wanted to let you know the application deadline is much earlier this year - Feb. 13, 2007. You can apply online at . In AZ, you can accumulate bonus points each year you apply for a license and don't draw. But you need to buy a nonresident small game license for $151.25 (highway robbery if you ask me) to get the bonus point. AZ is well worth putting in for though. I have drawn 3 times and had fantastic hunts. The bulls are just huge! If you want recommendations on which units to put in for, please email me.


The application deadline in Wyoming is March 15 for antelope and deer. Wyoming has a new preference point system so you'll want to build those points up if nothing else. We have excellent mule deer (160-200 class) and antelope hunts (75-84 inches) in WY and still have a few openings. But you would need to put in the draw for both. The deer draw is almost 100% and the antelope about 60% without points.


In Montana, the deadline for elk and deer is also March 15 if you apply through an outfitter, you are guaranteed a license. But again you still need to put in for the drawing and we can help you apply. We have 3 excellent outfitters we book for there for elk, mule deer, whitetails, antelope and turkeys. The outfitters are located in NW, SW, and eastern MT. Bull elk from 280-400, mule deer from 150-190, whitetails from 130-170, and antelope from 70-85 with excellent numbers of each. Archery antelope licenses are available over the counter.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

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