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“Africa with Stick & String” Bowhunting DVD


Stick & String Outfitters is proud to announce our latest bowhunting video called "Africa with Stick & String." SSO worked with Dave Holt, Technical Editor for Bowhunter Magazine and owner of Dave Holt's Africa, on this video over a 3-year period. This is not your typical wack'em and stack'em Africa bowhunting video. We've made it extremely educational, in addition to being very exciting and entertaining.

Bill Krenz, bowhunting authority and Editor of Bowhunt America, said it best in his recent review of the video.

"I must tell you that I've watched a truckload of videos on bowhunting in Africa, mainly because I love the mere thought of Africa. Your video, however, is the best such video I have ever about the distance it is from my home in Colorado to the Dark Continent. The photography and editing are exceptional. I especially appreciated the informative and intelligent presentation of so many different big game species and so many bowhunting situations, and I love the straightforward talk about what season to bowhunt in Africa, prices, shot placement, determining male from female, trophy size, even how to pack for an African bowhunt. Everyone dreaming about bowhunting in Africa should get this video. Everyone going to Africa to bowhunt must get this video. It's the best!"

Over 80 minutes of nonstop action and 19 outstanding bowhunts.

Starring Dave Holt, Matt Burrows, friends, and clients.

Available in DVD only.


$14.99 (+$2.00 shipping)

PayPal (, credit card (call 1-303-524-2461), check, or cash accepted.


“Another Year with Stick & String” Bowhunting Video

Watch Stick & String hunters bowhunt Colorado buffalo, Oklahoma wild boar, South Dakota and Nebraska spring turkeys, Idaho spring black bear, Colorado elk, Kansas whitetails, etc.  6 bow kills including a 2,000-pound Colorado buffalo and Kansas whitetail buck.  Watch as a huge 6-point bull elk is called into 15 yards.  Pat Lefemine, owner of the, bowhunts South Dakota Merriam’s gobblers.  All hunts are fair chase with bow and arrow.  Tape length is approximately 60 minutes.

Available in VHS only.

$14.99 (+$2.00 shipping)

PayPal (, credit card (call 1-303-524-2461), check, or cash accepted.


Or get both videos for:

$25.00 (+$3.00 shipping)

Save $5.00!


PayPal (, credit card (call 1-303-524-2461), check, or cash accepted.




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